Repast Jelly Taglibrary

The purpose of this project is to provide a means to use RePast in the Jelly XML Scripting Language. This library will provide a means to design, manipulate and excute a Repast Model with the entire model capable of being defined within an XML document.

Repast Usage Examples

Simple Configuration and Startup Example

This example shows the basic usage of the repast taglibrary.

<project xmlns="jelly:org.mrd.jelly.repast.RepastTagLibrary">
	<controller var="cntrl" type="uchicago.src.sim.engine.Controller"/>
	<model var="model" type="uchicago.src.sim.sugarScape.SugarModel" controller="${cntrl}">
		<set property="maxDeathAge" value="50"/>
		<set property="maxInitialSugar" value="20"/>
		<set property="maxMetabolism" value="5"/>
		<set property="maxVision" value="8"/>
		<set property="minDeathAge" value="25"/>
		<set property="minInitialSugar" value="1"/>
		<set property="numAgents" value="100"/>